Design Wall/Floor Monday

Back from the retreat - what a great time we had - again!  This time we didn't have a mystery quilt, but lots of make and takes.  I chose not to do all of them and instead concentrated on working on some UFOs I brought along to finish or get further along with. The first project consisted of my leaf mug rugs - I'll show those tomorrow in Applique Tuesday.  I then did:
 This was a panel I was given at the last St. Anne's meeting.  I just needed to bind it.  Er, that's what I thought as it was pre-quilted. But!  The panel sides had to be evened up.  You can see how that went. I'm sure baby won't mind.  Then I had to make the binding from assorted reds. Had just enough. Used a new method to attach the binding using an s-curve stitch.  It went great.  I'll demo that in another post. Then after a good look at the quilting, discovered that it's coming undone at two ends so that needed to be fixed, too.
 Next UFO was an 8 year old one for which my niece chose the fabric, laid out the order of the blocks, then left for me to put together.  Well, it is now done.  I call it Medallion Cherries.
 I then tackled the hardest - yes, the hardest UFO.  This was a bag of blocks, fabric and batting and backing squares from an estate sale.  The project dates from the 50s. At least that's what I think because of all the polyester and cotton fabrics and the prints. The quilter had made 6 blocks plus the makings for 4 more plus a ton of cut strips for many more.  I measured and they ranged from 14.5 to 13".  Of course I cut them down to 13.  She had made the blocks for a QAYG quilt.  This would usually be easy peasy for me, BUT she use a very high loft polyester batting - typical of the 50s.  After making 3 more blocks, I started to put them together.   Ugh, first  attempt using the no front sashing method did not work. The seam was a mess because of the batting and trying to sew through so many layers.  After some thought, I decided to use the sashing on both sides method and baste the individual parts together - ie sashing strip and left block, then sashing back strip and next block.  Then I sewed the blocks together with a larger stitch - 3 instead of my normal 2.2   You can see the first row at the top of the photo.  Will be 39" square when done.
 I did make this Make and Take.  Just couldn't resist.  Went together so neatly and I love my little box.  This starts as two 8 1/2" squares of fabric.  The ladies were told to use 10" squares, but I only had enough to make the smaller one.
As I make the other Make and Takes I'll share them with you.  Even though this was only my second one, my conclusion:  I love going on retreats!

I'm linking to Judy's Patchwork Times and Lyn's BOMs Away as I did deal with blocks.
Blessings as you start this new week.


  1. Am looking forward to your tut's. Glad you had a fun time at your retreat.

  2. Love your Make and cute. I'll be waiting for the tute as well. Glad you enjoyed your retreat!

  3. Retreats are GREAT. Glad you had fun.

  4. All lovely projects. I especially like the log cabin blocks. I agree, when one gets given someone elses UFO, we think, this has saved time, but as you showed, a lot of fiddling about sometimes. I had a lovely hexagon project from a friend. I spent a whole weekend cutting the bulk of seam allowance out.
    I would like to see how you joined the blocks as I have never done QAYG.

  5. It can feel so satisfying to complete someone else's UFOs. Why do we approach those with more vigor than we approach our own? I think I would have taken the batting out of the QAYG and finished the blocks conventionally, though.

  6. What a gorgeous box! And a very productive UFO-busting retreat. :)

  7. What wonderful projects you did, and how much you got done. That log cabin is going to be great, even if it is a little of a pain now.


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