Applique Tuesday almost Late

Okay, Alan and Will just left with Mama - the Barbecued pork is almost ready to go with the sides, and I have my project out to sit down and do some applique stitching with my feet up in the living room while watching NCIS.  Life got in the way and I haven't done any til now.

This is a block from Anna's Garden.  Need to do the two birds and the leaf on bottom right. One of the things that has kept me otherwise engaged is this baby quilt for St. Anne's.  I'll show you more tomorrow.
What are you working on?  Would love to see it.  Leave me a comment and I'll come over for a look.


  1. This is a great block and of course I love the birdies. I'm still binding...:( I must be the slowest person on earth.

  2. No binding is relaxing and slow, remember? You're doing great. Save some for Sunday so you can tell about it on Slow Stitching Sunday.


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