2015 Block Lotto

Sophie of Block Lotto has asked us to brain storm for her of what to do for Block Lotto in the coming year.  This is not what we are going to do but what we might like to do.  We all have ideas and this is my way of letting her know of the things on my wish list.

Should the blocks be all the same size?

I don't think so - I'd like to try a quilt with odd sizes and how it comes together as in
Sue Garman's Yuletide Joy as seen here
but with a more intersting border.  Does it have to be Christmas theme?  No. How about traditional blocks, or raw edge applique or a mix of the two.  Or how about a house quilt with trees and flowers, fences, kites, etc?

Let's make it scrappy so as we send blocks to winners, they will blend with everyone's.  

Whatever Sophie decides I know I will like it.  She does a great job of challenging us when making blocks. It's great fun.


  1. I confess that I like this idea, too ... way back in 2003, for the Block Lotto, I designed a quilt like this made from star blocks in various sizes.


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