Applique Tuesday

A process I'd like to share with you -and it does involve applique:

 I did finish that block you saw in the previous post.  It is a block from a BOM from a 2010 blog hop.  I had no choice in the fabric selections, though I love the collection they used.  You got the blocks as kits.  This paper piecing one I have been putting off for a long time.
 Above you see the finished and joined 4 units.  Phew, that took me a while to do!  I then pulled off the paper at the seams I pressed open and the seam paper allowance around the outside of the circle formed by the units.
 Next, with a dry iron, I ironed over the seam allowance onto the paper.  This was to make it easier to starch the seam allowance in the next step.  The copy paper was stiff enough that I could use it for the freezer paper in the starch method.
 Next I got out my spray starch, spritzed a little in a dish and with a brush proceeded to starch/press down the seam allowance on the outer edge.  Above is what it looks like once starched in place.  I then took out all the paper, turned it to the front and pressed one more time to get the seam allowance to lay flat again.
I then placed it on the black background and sewed it between the black fabric and the ground (black with green dots).  Then I added the river and sky.  It is now ready to hand applique around my half circle.  Think I now have 22 blocks of this series done.  Maybe 2 or 8 more to do.  Can't remember how many of these 8" blocks are left.

So not an applique block per say, but one in which I incorporated applique because I either lost or never got the template for the black piece to put these two parts together in the normal way - sewing a seam.

What are you up to?  I'd love to see your eye candy!  Leave me a comment and I'll come and visit to take a peek.  I'm linking to Connie's Linky Tuesday Party.  Blessings to all.


It must be a good feeling to get back to this beautiful quilt. I just started paper piecing a couple of years ago. I really like the accuracy you get, something that I still struggle with on my regular piecing.
Karen H said…
A very striking block! I would have put it together exactly as you have done! Good work!
What an absolutely stunning block! :)
Judy said…
What a wonderful block and it's so graphic looking with the different fabrics!
ipatchandquilt said…
You selected the perfect fabric for this quilt!!!
Chantal said…
Wow! I am stunned! If the entire quilt is built using the same fabric, this will be a fabulous show stopper. Your piecing is AMAZING! Love it.
Deanna said…
This one is incredible! Unlike anything else that you've made. I love the choice of fabrics. Not sure I would try this, as looks too tedious. LOL! Great job!
Excellent work Angie!!! It's lovely. What a talent.
Renee said…
It's very pretty!! I love the mariner's compass.
What a beautiful block Angie!
Anonymous said…
An amazing block that didn't turn out at ALL like I expected. LOL I thought it was going to be a flower on a stem, for some reason.
Sandra said…
That block is stunning.
Cathy said…
I love paper piecing and that block is just gorgeous!
Nancy said…
Spectacular! Thanks for telling how you managed to make this paper pieced beauty.