Stash Report and Design Wall Monday

First the Hexie Weekend linky is still open.  Would love to see any eye candy you have -recent, old post, ideas for a quilt - whatever you'd like to share - closes Monday, midnight and you find it in the previous post.

I bought a new machine for quilting because I realized I was asking too much of my Bernina 130 as far as quilting. Still works like a dream for piece and sewing, but after much thought and asking around I tried out a Handi-Quilter Sweet Sixteen and a Juki 2010Q .  I liked them both but after trying out the HQ SS  I knew I would have a long learning curve of getting use to the machine facing me and dealing with the way the quilt would be oriented.  I decided it would take me too long to reprogram myself after 23 years of sewing the other way. Also, although it has a 16" throat, facing me quilts would pile up in front of me instead of spreading out in the huge space I had before. The Juki is wonderful for quilting.  I know I am still guiding the stitching in FMQ, but the stitches look way better (than from my Bernie and no tension problems) so far! And it's quieter than the HQ.   Here is my first top I quilted with it.

This is my first Christmas quilt for 2014.  Here's the front:
I used some orphan blocks from my stash and a yard of fabric.  I also in my frenzy of making room for the new machine, and its table, donated 15 yards of fabric to a Lutheran Church mission group that makes quilts for Africa.  You'll find those numbers in my right side bar.

Still have a long ways to go in fitting everything in the sewing room - I may have some giveaways in the future as I sort through everything.  Here are the two ladies:
This corner was filled with boxes piled 4 high.  I moved my old Koala cabinet and Bernie to there.
Turning with my back to Bernie, here is Juki in her new Sew Easy Table. Came in two days!  I was impressed with the quality of the table.  She's backed up to my cutting table so I'll have plenty of flat surface for the quilts.  As to the other corner's of the room - you don't want to know - LOL - so much stuff to find a home for!

Finally, coming off my design wall is my Guild Heart challenge which I named Purple Hearts.  We had to make a quilt with hearts in it.  This is 36 by 45" in size - perfect for laps and wheelchairs.
I'm giving this to a Vet in our local VA hospital.

I'm linking to Judy's Patchwork Times and Marelize's Anything Goes Monday.  See you there.


  1. Way to go Angie! So glad that you test drove two machines and pulled the trigger on one! The Christmas quilt looks darling and we can't wait to see your quilting flourish now that you have a larger throat space. Good for you!

  2. toys for Angie!!! Have fun. Sure like your quilt.

  3. Angie,

    I love your new "Baby", Ms Juki!! How fun to get a new addition to your sewing/quilting room. Would love to see a demo sometime. HAPPY QUILTING!!

    Hugs! Deanna

  4. I have a Juki also and love it!! I quilted a king size quilt on it with no problem. Enjoy!!

  5. Congratulations! This looks great. Hope you love it.

  6. I love the addition of the purple hearts to your RWB quilt and even more the thought of a vet using it in their wheelchair!! The perfect quilty hug!! THanks for sharing under our Veteran's THeme at Tuesday Archives! The perfect post to see again!!

  7. ....and loved reading about your machines this month. Many people use the Juki....they sound like really dependable machines.


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