Hexie Weekend Sort Of

Like applique, I've been far too busy with life to do any hexagons, but am always thinking of them as you saw in my previous post.  Tuesday I was finally able to get to Barnes & Noble and pick up the latest copy of
 This is my favorite magazine right now.  It costs a whopping $13.99 US, but it's a bargain, really.  In issue 100 I found four quilts I would love to make.  At $15 - $25 a pattern, you can see why I think it's a bargain.
In issue 101 (which is the one above), I know I want to make the cover quilt and the Hexie one above.  It makes a fabulous tablecloth or lap quilt.  All templates are included.  The magazine is hard to find.  I just stumbled across it at Barnes and Noble when I went to buy a present for a baby shower (I'd only seen it online before this). I was astonished and delighted to find it!  Because it comes from Europe, I've gottten the issues at the end of the time they are released for - ie the May - June copy didn't arrive until the second week of July.  So I probably won't see the next one til September.  Is there a B&N near you?  Check them out - they might have it.  Oh, one more thing - Di Ford is doing a mystery quilt starting with Issue 99.  It's a gorgeous quilt!

What are you up to?  I plan to try and make a flower in the next three days. Would love to see your eye candy, hexie or otherwise.  Linky below:


I have thought of buying this magazine as a subscription as it is in my opinion the only decent magazine in the quilting world - but the price! I will keep my eye out for a copy of it, I haven't bought one in years
I see a trip to B&N in my future ... it's about 30 minutes from our house but tomorrow we'll be about 5 minutes from B&N, so I think we'll make a detour home ... there's a Five Guys next door, so I know DH won't grumble about the detour. ha!
Karen H said…
I think Quiltmania is great value for the money it costs. There are loads of inspirational photos and it has great patterns. My bookstore is slow to get it in stock but I'll have to go check as I've been waiting for this edition.