Hexi Weekend still

Home from entertaining my cousins.  I'm watching the last quarter final game of the World Cup, and it's an exciting one.  I'd like both of these teams to win, but it can't be so. And I haven't done as much hexi-ing as I thought as the games are so fast paced - I can't look away from the screen for more than a few seconds. But here is my progress:

I have 15 prepped (those are stacks of seven), two stitched together and two done - I'm over the half way mark!

How are you doing?  Started another project recently?  Would love to see what you're doing.  Linky below.


  1. Sorry! I didn't get any done this week. I need to hurry to have something for next week!

  2. I finally got the computer back and got everything posted.

  3. I hadn't planned on working on my hexie project this weekend ... I'll link up as soon as I finish today's post.

  4. I love seeing piles of hexagons sorted and ready to be stitched. It makes my fingers itch to sew!


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