Hexie Weekend 6/27/14

Out of town guests arrive today - two of my favorite cousins from Houston, TX.  And then there is the World Cup - so not much blogging for the next 10 days.  But I love eye candy so here's one I found on Google images and want to share with you:
Love how hexagons were used here along with paper pieced stars.  This is an replica of an old 1920s quilt.  The pattern was used as a raffle quilt here  Have you found a hexagon quilt you're considering replicating? Please share it or your work in progress with us.  Linky below.  Blessings!


that quilt is amazingly beautiful, and it was a raffle quilt - wow a lot of work went into it. I will blog about my hexie quilt tomorrow and show progress and link up then. I am beginning to ponder what kind of border to put on my quilt
I hope it brought a lot of money for the raffle. It's gorgeous. Have fun this weekend!
Chantal said…
Amazing quilt! Never seen one with hexies in the sashing like that. That gets my little hamster going in my head. Oh inspiration! What a pusher over! Thanks so much for sharing. Really enjoyed it. Will link later.
Anonymous said…
Hoping to see some more participants linking up when I get up tomorrow. I love looking at the projects!
Karen H said…
What a beautiful raffle quilt. I love seeing hexagons used in different ways! Very inspiring indeed!
Kath said…
Thankyou for sharing this quilt- naughty girl LOL
I have several hexy projects on the go as it is :-D
I have linked up to my sewing room post, by invitation, as it shows many hexagon projects- it might be fun playing "spot the hexy!
Wow what a great hexie quilt. So out of the ordinary.................very special and thanks for sharing.
Cathi said…
That is a fabulous quilt - such a very different way of using hexagons in a design!
I love that replication! Gorgeous!!

My current hexie project is a replication ... Martha Washington's Flower Garden. I had several blocks pieced before I even knew the name of the design. ;-)
Carrie P. said…
OOO! thanks for sharing that quilt. Love it.