Applique Tuesday 6/10/14

Only 2 more days before the start of the World Cup!

I've decided that the only way I'm going to make any progress on these WIPs is to schedule a day for each one and do at least 15 minutes.  So I wrote down all the ones I have worked on lately (this doesn't count what I call UFOs now) and found eleven.   So I jotted them down on my calendar one per day.  Here's the applique ones.

1. Love Entwined - finished part 6 which was one of the corners.

Here's what the center looks like so far.
2. Then I worked on one of the Benjamin Biggs blocks.
Adjusted the pattern a bit (it was too bulky for me) and need now to turn the edges over the freezer paper with starch and iron.
 3. You saw the orphan block on the previous post.  Those circles were appliqued.
4. I made another block for my Whimsical Garden.

These are relatively easy, so I don't know why it is taking me so long!

and, 5.  I got half way done with an Anna's Garden block:
This is the only one I am doing by hand, so it's taking me longer.

I had so much fun appliqueing! However, my plan has made me realize, in order to be more effective with it, I need to have different work stations so I can make the best use of my time.  But that's not going to happen.  I don't have enough space!  I need to come up with a modified plan. For instance, once I got all the stuff out to complete the LE, and in order to finish it, I couldn't touch my machine for three days. Not happy with that.

I'm linking to Esther's WOW, Connie's Linky Tuesday Party, and Let's Bee Social.  See you there!


  1. Your LE is looking beautiful! You've got lots of very exciting projects on the go! I didn't realize you do machine applique. That is a skill I need to learn more about!

  2. Wow that LE is just stunning!! What an ambitious project, love it.

  3. Your blocks are so eye-catching!!! Love your fabric choices :) I had the same problem with my sewing area and had to modify how I did things so I could work on whatever demanded attention each particular day. I do have a nice-sized room, which of course made it easier. But I'm betting you will come up with some creative ways to make it work for you!

  4. I LOVE your LE, good luck with your time, lol.

  5. WOW! your Love Entwined top is gorgeous so far.
    Work stations is a great idea. I am sure you will figure out a way to do it.

  6. Oh, wow! I really, really dig your LE - love the blue tones in the corners playing so nicely with the pink tones of the sides! You got a ton of work finished! I know what you mean about those stations - being able to have one work area for applique and another for the machine really makes things easier for rotating work. I googled the RoseAnna quilt - that's going to be absolutely gorgeous. Love your background for it.

  7. Oh your LE is stunning, just love those clean clear colours you are using, looks like the start of spring so fresh and clean looking. You sure have plenty to work on LOL. Cheers glenda

  8. Wow! All of your UFO's are lovely, especially LE. Still haven't started mine:( Totally agree with you about the different work stations. Wouldn't that make life easier?

  9. Angie, Your Love Entwined block is absolutely gorgeous!! You have done a fantastic job!! And, looks like a lot of work!

  10. That is a great idea to schedule a day for each, they are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Linky Tuesday! Freemotion by the River

  11. Beautiful work on the LE, I'm just starting on it; a big learning curve on the printing part but now can do it. Thank you for sharing such nice work.

  12. Sounds like you have a great plan, working on a different project each day. You sure made some beautiful progress!


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