Blogger's Quilt Festival and a Hexie or two...

Today starts Amy's Spring edition of her fabulous Blogger's Quilt Festival!  This is an opportunity to be part of one of the biggest Show and Tell collections on the NET, and there are prizes! Click above or on my sidebar to go visit and see the wonderful entries from quilters all over the world.

I'm entering the latest quilt I've finished - a quilt I was commissioned to make to honor a long time volunteer at the Library.  It's a signature quilt:

Library Volunteer Extraordinaire measures 52" square, so I'll be entering it in the Festival category for Small Quilts.  I designed this in EQ4 (yep, that's all I have) using a roman stripe square and a Jacob's ladder square. I've used this pattern once before for another signature quilt.  You can see it here.  At the Gala when it will presented, guests will have the opportunity to sign the quilt in the white strips.  If there are more than 48 wanting to sign, the writing shows up fine on the green strips also.  I made this with fabric from Connecting Threads collection called Fiesta and designed by Jenni Calo.  Dorothy loves flowers and blue so thought this would please her.

 I quilted the quilt after watching Cindy Needham's Crafsy Class Design it, Quilt it: Free Form Techniques.    It was great and gave me the confidence to do the quilt with more than SITD and stippling. For the most part I used Superior invisible thread on top and Bottom Line/or Invisifil on the back with a 70/10 sharp needle.

I was really worried about what I should do about the center of the quilt and the fabric photo I used of our library. Once again, you quilters in blog land answered my plea for what to do with the floppy fabric after I had stipplied around it. Thank you! You can see more of the quilting on my post of 5/12.

Then I made the label.  I was going to put it on the right back corner, but is seemed to stand out so much, and after consulting with my daughter, decided to place it on the stripe.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you consider entering a quilt.  I'd love to see your eye candy! So click on the link after you've read the rest of this post - you might win a prize!

And now for hexies - I do a linky for Hexie Weekends that starts on Fridays. This is to keep me motivated to work on my hexies and see all the goodies other Hexie enthusiasts are working on. Since I've been working on the above quilt for three weeks, I had stopped posting as I regularly do.  Now I can start again!
Here's where I'm at right now:

I'm starting another hexie project using 3/4" hexagons.  They may sound small but the ones I was working on before were 1/2"- LOL.  Don't know what I'm going to do with these yet, but with all your inspiration, I'll think of something.  So do link if you have a hexie project you're working on, have finished, or dream of doing.  Linky below. And for more eye candy overload there is Amanda Jean's finish.


  1. Love it Angie. It is Wonderful and I am sure Dorothy will love it.

  2. It`s absolutely fabulous and have a great weekend!

  3. Angie,
    I love your signature quilt!! And, the center piece of the library turned out very nice. I want to know how you did it. Your friend, Dorothy will love her quilt!! The perfect way to honor a volunteer!!

  4. What a beautiful quilt, front and back it looks awesome!. I LOVE the label and where it is placed so perfect. Great job with the quilt and the quilting!!

  5. Love that you used a picture of the library in the centre! I'm sure it is very appreciated by its owner. :-)

  6. that's a great signature quilt layout - looks wonderful. She is sure to be thrilled with it!

  7. Gorgeous quilt--so amazing! I love that it is a signature quilt, having finished my signature quilt this past year. And I love all your design choices--from the center to the label. Well done!


  8. Good luck in the Blogger's Quilt show. You don't see signature quilts made as often as they used to be. How wonderful!

  9. Goodness! How did I miss this post. I know.....senior moment...giggle. It really is gorgeous Angie, and I've not seen that design before. Wonderful quilt and quilting!!!


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