Applique Tuesday 5/20/14

My regular readers know I just spent the last three weeks making a commissioned signature quilt.  It did have some applique - the label.
I happened to have bought some time ago a panel of labels. Once I found them, I picked out this heart. Now my problem has been how to get the wording evenly distributed on the label and look just right.  Then, too, my penmanship is not that great, so I had to think about how to do this.  So I traced the inner edge of the heart and reversed it on tracing paper.  Then I went to my computer, opened up MS Word and began to  write out the words.  I tested a lot of fonts and sizes til I found one that worked and I liked. Then I printed it out, cut them apart and laid the lines on my tracing.  I had to keep fiddling with the font size to get it just right. When I did I taped the line strips together and placed it behind the heart on a light box.  Then taking a Pigma pen (.5 tip) I traced over the lines and thus got my words in place in a nice font.  Then I heat set the label and hand appliqued it on.  If I had to do it over, I would have put a thin layer of white batting under it so the fabric underneath would not have shown.

BTW:  She loved it!


  1. I love your label and the quilt part I can see....grin. Are we going to get a full showing??? Looks gorgeous so far!

  2. How could she not? The label is gorgeous ... I, too, hope we'll get to see the quilt ....

  3. Fantastic Angie!! I'm loving that beautiful label.... Congratulations on a wonderful finish. Karen

  4. It LOOKS BEAUTIFUL, Angie, label and all!


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