Hexie Weekend

Back in the 90s, I bought some die-cut hearts to make my DDIL a quilt.  I decided to raw edge applique them to the blocks I was making and then sew around their edges.  The normal way is the iron on fusible interfacing to the fabric, then trace the shapes and lastly cut them out. I couldn't follow the normal sequence of steps with these already cut pieces. I had to come up with an idea to make them fusible, and I did.

For one of my current hexie projects, I have these leaves I want to add to the top.  I cut them out and fussed with them to finally find where I wanted to put them around each hexie flower, and then I was going to cut them for the method above. However, I quickly realized I didn't have enough scraps of green to cut them one more time.  That's when I thought of those hearts again.  Here is how I solved my problem then and now:

1.  First I got a piece of paper towel. On it I placed the leaves face down on the towel.
2.  Then I cut a square of steam-a-seam 2 and placed it over the leaves, and fused it on. (about 5 secs)
 3. With a light source behind the sandwich illuminating the leaves, I carefully cut them out (leaf on left). Then I removed the paper towel layer from the leaf and cut off any fusible I could see while it was backlighted. (middle leaf).  Then I removed the paper and my leaf was ready to fuse in place (leaf on right).
4. Here are the leaves already fused and ready to machine stitch.  Problem solved.

The winner of last week's 100 paper piecing pieces is the Animated Librarian!  I've sent her an email for her address so  I can send them to her.  Thanks for all of you who linked up your eye candy.

I was going to have another giveaway this Friday, however, I've been commissioned to make a quilt and am going to take a break from blogging for a month or so to get it done on time.  I need all the time I can get with all the other things I have to do.  So if you don't hear from me, that's what I'm doing in between babysitting and everything else.  So I leave you for now asking the Lord to send you blessings, life treats you gently, you have time to quilt and your Guardian Angels look after you.


  1. thanks so much for sharing your tutorial-I always learn so much. may you have awesome days ahead

  2. I'll miss hearing from you. But a commissioned quilt is serious business!
    I like the colors of the flower above. And adding appliqué leaves is a good idea. It will add a little something!
    See you soon.

  3. Sure love your leaves. Good quilting to you.

  4. Nice tutorial- love the cheery colors! Thanks for stopping by and leaving the link to the Daffodil Principle. I enjoyed it! :)

  5. So great hexies. Good luck with your quilt! But I will miss the Hexie Weekend Link Up.

  6. I use a non-stick pressing cloth the same way, it would be in place of your paper towel -- eliminates the trimming.

    1. Back in those days, I hadn't even hear of a non-stick pressing cloth, but you're right does the same job, except then I have to clean the pressing cloth. Towel I can just throw away.

  7. Love your leafy florals. I haven't had any hexagon time in three weeks. Ugh! Maybe Monday. I'll miss your blog posts, but it sounds like a wonderful project - hope you'll be able to share with us later.

  8. love your hexies and fabrics choice.Have a great weekend!!

  9. Can't wait to see your commisioned quilt.

  10. Your block looks great with the added leaves. A clever technique that I will have to remember for later. Good luck finishing your commission quilt.

  11. Lovely! The leaves add a special touch.

  12. Great idea!!! Thanks for rejuvinating this post at Tuesday Archives...your leaves fit our GREEN theme this week perfectly!!


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