I Finished Part 5 of LE!

April Fools!  Don't I wish!!  I did get farther along though.
Those leaves were so small - not as small as the stems  - grin, but close, so I chose to do them another way rather than individually.  As you can see from the photo below - those leaves were down to 3/4" long and 3/8" or less wide.  No way was I going to do them individually.
I decided to do them in pairs as they would sit under the stem. Some have probably done it this way, but it was a lightbulb moment for me - hehe.
Much easier.  What have you been working on?  Please leave me a comment, so I can go to your blog or photostream, and see what goodies you are working on.  I'm linking to Esther's WOW and Connie's Linky Tuesday Party - lots of goodies there, and to Judy's Design Wall since this part is still up there.

Bye for now!


You have made excellent progress - it's looking great!!! Smart thinking too to link those leaves together :*)
I have not made progress on this quilt in some time congrats to you that you have. I think when I get back to work on it I will be possibly combining a lot of embroider with the applique for the tiny bits and doing leaves like you did I did them that way around the compass also
krisgray said…
Wow - it looks great! I will have to remember your leaf pairing trick the next time I do some applique with stems and leaves, what a good idea.
Heather said…
It is looking good. I cheated and did broderie perse for that parts. Not nearly so many tiny pieces that way! Good luck.
Sue Daurio said…
Very funny!!! But really you have made great progress. Such a smarty with the leaves paired up like, brilliant.
desertskyquilts said…
Nothing, nada, that's what I'm working on. I started a block today, but the directions on one part are confusing, so I'm waiting until I'm more awake on Thursday! For a minute, I was amazed at your progress to be finished! The leaf idea is a great one!
Glenda said…
I love the red cherries so I added them instead LOL.. Great wee tutorial on how you did the leaves I will try and computer that in to my old brain for another time. Would you mind adding it to Esther's Blog under Love-entwined-1790-marriage-coverlet-bom which is for tutorials related to LE it is at the top of her page it would be a wonderful wee tutorial for us all. Cheers Glenda PS love the colours you are using.
I'm so proud of you for keeping up with this Qal. It's lovely.

Bunny said…
Your LE is coming along nicely. Yes it is a bit overwhelming at times for me anyway but a stitch at a time and it will get done.
That's ingenious! I would have stitched the leave individually. Well, now your idea will stay in my mind. Thank you.
To answer your question, I just finished a tutorial about preparing appliqués with fusible interfacing and I'm now working on a pattern for easter eggs using the butterflies wings I used in the tutorial.
I like the red fabric you used for the baby quilt you posted a few days ago. It works well, I find, with the grey and the black you also used. It enlivens the grey stars and makes them stand out even though they are of a more subdued color. Beautiful!
Karen H said…
Your LE is lovely. I've got to get going on mine soon!
Mayleen said…
Sure wish I'd read your blog before I made all those individual leaves! When I saw your first photo, I thought "Wow, her applique is so nice!" Very smooth curves and crisp edges, you've done a great job.
Connie said…
Beautiful work and I really like the way you did the leaves!! I'll have to borrow that! Thanks for sharing.
Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday
Yvonne said…
This is an awesome idea! Thank you. I will do it this way as well. Yours is coming along so nicely. You do wonderful work.
Plum Cox said…
You really are coming along well with this vase - it looks lovely!