Wow, an Applique Tuesday

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I've been trying the starch and freezer paper method - it takes some getting use to.  You have to work with both hands - left for stiletto and right for the iron - it was hard at first, but I seem to be getting the hang of it.

Was trying it with the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt block #1.  Phew it's all glue basted now.  I just have to machine stitch it.  I'll trim it to a 16 1/2" square once that's done.  Here it is:
I'm not happy with the upper right bud and it's position.  Do you advanced appliquers know if you can move  pieces once they are glue basted with Roxanne's Glue baste?  Please advise.

I'm linking to Connie's Linky Tuesday and Esther's WoW.  Go see the eye candy there.


Robin said…
Can't say I'm an advanced appliquer but I have just started to glue baste using Roxanne's glue. I have moved pieces once they were glued in place. Just be gentle when taking the piece off the background fabric.
Emily C said…
That glue is water soluble. Could you just get that corner a little wet with something like a dish cloth and then peel it off, let dry, and replace? (basically dab at the glue like you would a stain with the wet cloth)
katyquilts said…
I do as little applique as possible, but this looks perfect to me!
Também estou a fazer o BBigs porem inteiramente termocolado, falta apenas colocar o ponto santim , e o bloco 2 já esta também preparado,, quando BOM de Ester ainda estou na parte 1, bastante atrasada,, onde moro esta um calor insuportável....verão Brasileiro.
Sue Daurio said…
LOL my eyes went round and round, trying to find that displeasing bud placement. I gotta say, I just don't see it. I think it looks absolutely amazing.
Bunny said…
Looks good, as they said spritz some water on back and it will loosen.
Lorna McMahon said…
Well I say that block looks simply stunning! The mottled green with the pink rose buds such a great combination. And the center of that block reminds me of the Hawaiian style of quilting!
Angie I don't work much with glue but what the other ladies mentioned will work -- Roxanne's is water soluble -- that said -- I would leave the bud as is. It is just beautiful! You did an awesome job with this method of turning. Can't wait to see it done -- thanks for sharing! Hugs, Karen
I used the starch and freezer paper as well ( though I did the regular block from the quilt...I know this rendition would be above my skill level )

Yours is lovely ! :)
Jayne said…
I do love the red! I think it looks fantastic!!
Lorena Rey said…
Wow your art is gorgeous!!! I just look around your blog and I'm amazed for such beautiful work
Carrie P. said…
looking good. I have moved pieces once glued.