Applique Tuesday of Sorts

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Very little progress in applique this last week - such a busy week. Sunday, I took 4 ladies to the Road to California Show in nearby Ontario - that was fun but tiring (photos to follow).  Then I had both boys on Monday. William and I spent the whole day working on his science project.  He had it done - we just had to do the presentation board.  Then picked up Alan from Day Care - both have runny noses and genearl malaise. Last night, I just vegetated after they left at 7 pm.  Sooo  here's the bit I did on my Benjamin Biggs before they arrived at 7: 30 AM to stay with me again. 
 Seam allowance needs to be turned up onto fusible stabilizer.
About 1/8th done.
 Pretty much all Will did today other than some TV and computer and the card games.

Alan showing off his play dough work . 
William was coughing, had a headache - I won't be surprised if he has a touch of the flu despite getting the shot this year.  To keep Alan busy, we spent the morning making Applesauce Oatmeal cookies.  He loves to help.  After his nap, he wanted to play with play dough so I have a little time to post because while he napped I taught Will how to play rummy.

Hope you were more successful. Leave me a comment and tell my how you did.  I'll go on over to your post and check out your eye candy.  Bye for now!


  1. Lovely your Ben Biggs. You are always so busy. Hope William feels better soon.

  2. Aww sick little ones are make your heart melt a little bit don't they. Sure hope he feels better soon. I did enjoy seeing your quilts in the background, like a mini quilt show :)

  3. no fun being sick. Hopefully you will stay well.
    I have seen others working on that quilt. I have decided to pass on it.

  4. Oh Angie - Dear Ben is looking sweet! You're ahead of me that is for sure! I hope the little ones are going to feel better soon. Lots of sickness going around on the East Coast too! No eye candy for me today - maybe later this week. Working on a wool version of a Redbird and Berries. Hugs, Karen

  5. Looking good! Just had the flu through my house, and it was no fun -hope your little one feels better soon

  6. I like the block you are appliquéing, hope the little ones get better soon

  7. Some days are like that! Hope everyone is better soon and some quilting therapy can happen.

  8. I was there too! I flew out from Cincinnati. I enjoyed the show and the warmer weather. Came home to -7 temp and lots of snow. It will keep me in to work on LE.


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