Design Wall Monday

On my design wall are two charity quilts I'm working on.  This first one is a flannel rag quilt.  I need 98 squares and all I have are 58 - so am making 40 more from all the scraps I have left.  These are the
scrappy ones.  I'll assemble and then pass on to another member to clip the 1/2" seams and wash. Our recipients love these.  We don't add a third layer because they're warm enough with two sides of flannel.  This will be our last one from this fabric - we must have made 10!

The second one is also for St. Anne's. I'm trying to use all of the scraps we have left over from other baby quilts.  Here I'm making scrappy trips blocks ala Bonnie Hunter.  They look a little bright, but I don't think the babies will mind.

I'm linking to Judy's Design Wall Monday and Lyn's BOMs Away.  Is something up on your wall?  Sure would like to see it.


  1. I think the babies are going to LOVE those bright colors. They look great. Love the fishy fabric.

  2. The bright colors are great! It makes everything so lively. :) ~Melanie

  3. LOVE both the flannel project and the baby trippin' blocks. The whales are so cool in there!


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