A Finish it Up Friday Finish with hexies and FMQ

Went Christmas shopping today.  Sigh - didn't find any of the advertised items I went to get.  Should have gone at 7 AM this morning, but it was too cold!  So back now, rested and here's my finish for this week that I showed you the beginnings of earlier:

It's a starry night panel from Northcott. I bought a kit from 1000 Bolts. It came with everything.  This photo is the truest one to the color of the fabric.
It's hanging over our fireplace.  This will be our tree this year.
I FMQued around the tree part and then meandered on the rest of the panel.  You can see the puffy parts in this view created by those meanders.  And the lights are on.  I like how the crystals sparkle.

Actually when the lights are on, the above is what it really looks like.  The lights are too bright! Actually you see even less of the fabric than you see here.  I'm thinking of looking for a more dim set of lights or adding crystals or rhinestones where the lights are.
Another finish (though small) is the next Hexie flower.  Got the first row done.
It's sitting on the rag rug I showed you on Monday.  Have three rows done!
How are you doing on your hexie project.  Would sure like to see it or any other eye candy.  Linky below.

I'm linking to Crazy Mom's Finish it Up Friday, Leah's FMQ project. Do visit!


  1. LOVE that this is your "TREE" for the year...as we are empty nesters and had all the kids for Thanksgiving...so xmas is "on our own"...so no tree. I decorated the mantel...but after 23 years of parenting....we are having fun with the simplicity. :)

  2. I do have some very cool hexi templates I'll link up! Thanks!!!! Love hexis...and they are the one thing I got my college aged daughter hooked on!!!! YAH! Stop by: myplvl.blogspot.com

  3. Girl you have been busy. Love all your work.

  4. A quilt with lights. Amazing!

  5. I'm afraid I didn't post about hexagons this week - don't know where the time went! I have been stitching, although I had to make some changes to my plan, but I'm back on track!
    Your wall hanging is very festive!

  6. I have seen that tree on display and it's beautiful. I'm glad that that you got it and wow, it didn't take you long to get it up and looking so festive. Thousands of Bolts is my downfall. I love to get my Stonehenge fabric from there...especially the 108" wide backing fabric!

  7. Fabric Tree with lights?Spectacular.Love it and also your beautiful hexies.Have a fun week!

  8. Good job on the tree, I made one also for my mom's nursing home room, it went together better than I expected. I didn't quilt inside the tree since the lights were there to give it some texture. Nor do I think my lights look as bright as yours, wonder what would make the difference? Enjoy your hexies. Kathy

  9. I used this same panel in a wall hanging. I didn't add lights, but I did add borders. I love how yours turned out.


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