A Finish of Sorts = FMQ!

It came to me yesterday what a lot of prep there is to getting a  top ready for quilting.  You ready the top and back making sure they are squared up (sort of), then you get the batting, find your pins and see if your basting space is clear to use.  I usually use the carpet in my guest bedroom, but I'm getting less agile at getting down on the floor to do this.  My dining table's edge is not conducive to  using for sandwiching using clips, and I didn't want to use tape. So after tea and a cookie or two, I had a eureka moment:
Out from long storage from my sewing clothes day, I pulled out my cardboard cutting board!
Partially opened it on my kitchen table and it was more than enough for this quilt top.

I laid out the three layers and started to pin the back to the board.  This cutting board is constructed of two pieces with an air space in between.  If I push the pins into the space, I anchor the quilt and don't scratch my table.  I pin a top edge and a side edge.  Then I start pinning the opposites by pulling the backing lightly taut as I pin. each of the remaining sides.  Then I pin baste the top to the two other layers.  Once that's done, and I check the back for no wrinkles, I make a small sandwich and check my machine settings and which thread to use for the quilting.

Phew! Ready at last. I'm off to quilt as soon as I finish the post.  I'm linking to Leah's FMQ Project and Amanda Jean's Finish it Up Friday because this quilt will be finished by the end of the day.


  1. Yay Angie! What a great idea. Can't wait to see the finished product... Hugs, Karen

  2. Yep. I never remember how much time to allow for making the back to size and for pinning. You would think I would learn! It usually means what I thought I'd start today I really start tomorrow. :-)

  3. You and I did the same things today. Being 7 months pregnant doesn't allow me to crawl on the floor to pin baste currently:( I used two cutting mats underneath the quilt on my dining room table and then some binding clips I got from Walmart today. So much nicer!

    1. Oh what a good reason to not get down there and crawl! I'll keep in my thoughts and prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby - never too early to start. You're lucky your table's edge lets you use binding clips. Hope to see yours soon. Mine is almost finished. Have to add a sleeve for hanging.

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