Hexie Friday is

Welcome Friday this week at our house.  All the cleaning and prepping is done and our house guest is here!  Now for the entertaining part which is always fun. Above is my DH's latest pineapple ready for harvest.  How appropriate it is ready to share as the pineapple is the symbol of hospitality. Alas, not one moment to make a hexie or quilty things.  Hope to be back to LE after the 22nd.

We had a scary event last night.  We were eating dinner at around 6:30 when all of a sudden I hear all this fluttering coming from the living room.  I peaked in to see if I was hearing things.  But I wasn't!  In the fireplace were about 20 -30 frantic birds behind the mesh screen.  They had come down the chimney.  At first I thought they were bats as some were clinging to the mesh and had their wings spread and looked the same shape. But then sense kicked in - bats would be flying out of chimneys not into them at that time of day.  Turns out they were Chimney Swifts (they looked just like them - but had black top feathers and black beaks).
We put out all the lights, opened the patio door and Frank opened the mesh.  What chaos.  A few flew out but a lot were disoriented.  We finally got them out and turned on the kitchen lights and found more perched in the kitchen - all over.  Took us about another 20 minutes to get them all out.  Just when we'd think all were out - we'd spot another one.  Then it was time to clean up all the bird poop they left behind. Ugh!  No one was hungry after that, but wine was consumed a plenty.

Off for a walk at the park this AM.  Hope you have some Hexie Friday fun to share at Billie's! Closes Thursday, the 17th, at midnight.


Terri said…
Pineapple seems a perfect hexie to share... isn't it a hexie shape all around the outside?
Definitely a time for wine! Unexpected guest.....:)
Scooquilt said…
What a story! We frequently deal w a bird in the house, but never a flock!
A Nudge said…
Yeah, for a while there I thought I was in that Hitchcock movie - THE BIRDS - LOL.
A Nudge said…
Very close to one, Terri - I hadn't noticed that!
Glenda said…
Well we missed your Hexies Angie but what a lovely story that you were able to rescue all those tiny swallows. I can just imagine the panic they were all in the poor wee things, and yes they are tiny like the bats, I have the bats living under my house usually only two off them and have had them for over 17 years now; I guess they are off springs from the original ones?????? Cheers Glenda.