Getting it Done in October

I knew my October was going to be way busy, so I set as goals just starting on my LE part 3 and my working on the UFO.
Well I did it - just barely, LOL.  Here's my UFO from 2009 finally sandwiched and basted.  So I did start toward a finish.  I've decided to make this into a coverlet as the front is kind of heavy and I had this great ducky flannel for the back.  Figured two flannels should be warm enough for a 40 x 44 panel.  Now I just have to figure out how to quilt it. 

The other project of my two for this month is my Love Entwined.  After much looking at colors and hemming and hawing I decided on this combo:
It's not set in stone (or actually I should say fused down) yet.  I tried lighter combos and even four different fabrics in the circle, but kept coming back to this one.  But it's a start!

How did you do this month?  I'm setting small goals again as I have more company coming in November plus a birthday, Thanksgiving, and then an anniversary. So my goals for November will be to continue with the two above projects and hope to get closer to done with them. 

 I'm linking to Judy's Getting it Done post. Check it out.


  1. HI Angie -- the choices for your LE look perfect! So proud of all you ladies for making that beautiful quilt - what a commitment. Can't wait to see how you finish off your duck quilt -- maybe a little echo stitching around the ducks to give them some movement... and then anything goes !! Have a wonderful day... Karen on Keuka

  2. the ducks are so cute and WOW! your applique project is looking great.

  3. Look at all the work you have done on your LE!! Stunning. Love the little ducky quilt as well.


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