Hexie Friday 13th

Probably should have something orange for this day - wait a minute I do - the last hexie flower I finished. Started on the second of three - yippy for me. It has gone better (quilty-wise) as the weather has cooled down.  I picked up this latest issue of McCall's Quilting because it has the neatest hexie project in it.  I'm adding it to my wish list as the quilt has applique and machine piecing - two of my favorite quilting techniques plus hexies! 

Also - I have a finish! So I'll be linking to Amanda Jean's Finish it Friday and Connie's Linky Party.  I completed my machine appliqued Dresden block, and yes, I did make it into a bag.  I'm really pleased with it. I used a simple pattern that my Guild provides for making Happy Bags - a community service project whereby we make these bags to fill and give to the children in the Cancer Care unit at Loma Linda Medical Center at Christmas time.  We put in a stuffed animal, crayons, coloring book, puzzles, a book, etc. They love them and we feel blessed to bring them some happiness into their lives. Since we use juvenile prints for the bags,  I'm keeping this one as it is the block from the workshop I last attended.  Thank you Anelie - it was fun.

I like this bag pattern because you line it at the same time you are constructing the bag without making the lining separate and then inserting it into the bag.  It is a very quick and easy bag to make that only takes about a half yard of fabric.  You can find the pattern here.  Click on the tab for Community Service.

What have you been up to - Hexie or otherwise?  Billie and I would love to see your eye candy. And mind you, it could be an old post - it will be new to us.  Linky below:


  1. Wow.......a finish!! What's a finish?? giggle.
    Love it and your hexies.

  2. Your bag is so beautiful. Love it. I linked the tutorial for the butterfly half hexie pattern, and hope some of you will try it. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Your bag looks great! I am going to look for that McCall's magazine.

  4. I will have to look for that McCall's magazine.
    Your bag looks terrific!

  5. Great bag!! I love the look of your hexies on that magazine. That seriously would make an awesome cover.

  6. THANK YOU very much for inviting me to play along at Hexie Friday~!

    i love the bag that you made and what a great way to make those kids coping with cancer feel a little bit better.


  7. cute bag. I am going to have to see if I can find that magazine so I can see the project you are talking about.

  8. I'll have to see if I can find that magazine locally - we seem to have fewer and fewer quilting magazines every time I go looking...

  9. I'm inspired to make a bag like this with some leftover hexis! Thanks for the inspiration!


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