Applique Tuesday Not

Tuesdays are now my full day with Alan.  I love him dearly and love having him here, but a 2 year old requires a lot of attention so no applique work was done today and yesterday I was busy with family stuff that couldn't be put off any longer. So really that's all I have to report.  I did sew a few strips together for the zigzag border of LE, but not enough to show yet.  Hope you had better luck!

I do have an applique blog I'd like to bring to your attention (if you're not familiar with it).  Go see Kerry at Simple Bird Applique .  She has some fabulous applique.  I always go read her posts and drool.

Do you have some eye candy for me?  Would love to see any type of quilt project - you keep me inspired.  Linky below.
AND THE WINNER IS: Julie in GA!  I've sent her an email and will send out the book as soon after I receive her address as I can.  Congratulations, Julie, and thanks to all who commented and linked to Applique Tuesday.


  1. Angie thanks for the link to Kerry's Blog... Beautiful stuff there! Hugs, Karen

  2. I can't imagine chasing a two year old, but all that baby love I miss.


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