It's Hexie Friday


I've stopped packing, watering, and straightening for a few minutes to post my teeny progress before I'm off to Duarte to babysit another set of cherubs for three days.  Here's the start of the next hexie for my flower baskets.

For me any progress is better than no progress - this has been the busiest summer in a long while.

Please share your hexi project or anything you're working on. I'd love to see it!  Linky below:

To satisfy our hexi - longing here are two links you can go to to satisfy our obsession:

A pinterest page and a blog .

See you Monday!


Love the fabric. Have fun with your babies.
Karen said…
Love the hexies and jealous I'm not making any... You ladies keep up the good work! Love 'em!
tubakk said…
Happy to see all these hexies. I'll come back with a picture next time.
Sarah said…
I agree - progress is progress and some days it's just a couple hexies - but I'll take a couple instead of none :)