Hexie Friday

Off to the International Quilt Festival at Long Beach today. But before I go, here's my puny progress on my hexie flower:
Got a start on the third row while my car was being serviced yesterday.  The good news is that I got one of the two baby quilts all quilted! This is all I can show for now in case the twins' Mama reads this post.

I just realized that this set of flowers has all darker centers - I may have to change this and make one with  a light center to replace one of them.  I'd just use the temporary reject in a later set.  How are you doing in your hexie project?  Would love to see!


  1. At least you made some progress, which I have decided is better than none on these projects...your flowers are looking really nice...

  2. I agree with Wendy. I count even on stitch as progress......grin.

  3. Thanks for having the Hexie Friday Linky, Angie. You got me to post today, and I probably wouldn't have - not enough difference in the project from one time to the next.
    Hang in there with your project - lots of color there, I love lots of color!

  4. Have fun at the show. I saw a couple interesting Amish hexie quilts today and thought of you. I'm SLOWLY uploading images now ... I'll probably blog about the show (at the Folk Art Museum) sometime this weekend.

  5. I don't have anything to show at this time. I need to make a lot of green hexies for my top.


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