It's Hexie Friday Again

I'm taking time from stuff to post this. Will be short.  Just a few more hexies sewn to my fourth flower:
Some have asked where I got the pattern for the basket.  I found it on this old QNM, March 1994.  To see some other luscious hexagon projects go to Sue Garman's Blog

That's it for this week.  Would love to see your Hexi project or whatever you're working on. Love, love eye candy.  It can be so inspiring!


  1. the pink and purple together. I linked myself to myself.....giggle.

  2. Good to hear from you, Billie. I just love how you pose your hexies with friends - so creative!

  3. The hexagon flower looks great!

  4. Love the colors of your hexies. I actually did some work on mine last weekend while traveling. My colors not nearly as fun as yours.

  5. Love your little hexie flower! :)


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