Got Done in June and For July:

I can't believe it!  I got all my goals done for June even though it was a super busy month for all.  You can browse back over the months projects and see all four - just finished the fourth today - a frayed edge quilt I posted about earlier today.

For July I'm going to try to
1. Finish part 1 of Esther's new BOM
2. Make my Block Lotto block (my A Lovely year of Finishes for July)

3. Start another Whimsical Garden Block. Notice I said start - grin.
4. Finish the 2012 Ducky UFO (my NBU entry)

What are you going to work on?  Go to Judy's  and Carrie's to get motivated.  And for some eye candy, here's a live bouquet my DH brought up for me to sigh over:
Isn't this incredible! The pot is a cluster of Escobaria plants.


Carrie P. said…
Those flowers are lovely. You can now link up your July goals on my blog if you like. You can also email me your street address because you won my giveaway for finishing UFOs! Congratulations!
I saw that quilt being done by Esther. It is amazing. Have fun with it.
You go girl! Great job finishing all your goals!!! I love the flowers - your husband has good taste in flowers :*)
Lori said…
Love the flowers. Was it a special occasion??