It's Hexie Friday!

Billie and I are having  a Quilt Along (or should I say sew along as this is a long time sewing project). And you're invited to join us.  We both have hexie projects started.  To keep us moving forward, we're going to share our progress (probably slow on my part) on Fridays.  You can see my first venture into "Hexidom" here .  This is as far as I've gotten so far:
Five more to sew on and I'll be done with my first flower - 26 to go! 

Billie has a beautiful pattern she is working on. It's called Star Flower. Please visit her Friday post to see it.  And she's having a giveaway!

Do you have a hexie project? I'd love to see it! Tell me about it in a comment.


Your flowers are a lot bigger than mine and I love, love, love your bright and fresh.
Wow....that's a great video. I did print my new one out on card stock and was gluing it to the fabric. I am still sewing the corners, but not through the card stock. I'm going to have to try this method. I do so love my Sewline glue stick.
ANudge said…
Bigger as in number, but not size (grin).
ANudge said…
I'm learning a lot from Becky Goldsmith's videos. She's an excellent teacher.
krisgray said…
Pretty flower! My hexie projects have sort of stalled while I've been busting some o-l-d UFOs. I really should get some evening stitchin' in and join you.
ANudge said…
Do join us, Kris - I've seen even 10 minutes some evenings is helping me move forward.
ritainalaska said…
will certainly follow your progress on your hexie projects! i'm finishing my fat quarterly hexiemf qal at last, leaving off the bottom applique, and squaring it off.
I'm happy to say I have so far avoided the hexie craze, so I'll be very happy to watch you all having fun with these :*)
jjthor said…
Looking good nice colors!!