Applique Thursday

I'm tired. Lot of family commitments this week and very little sewing. So here are some lovely applique quilts from the recent Inland Empire Quilt Guild's Quilt Show.

All of these quilts were made by the featured quilter at this event, Cheryl Giovenco. What a master quilter! It was a great show. Too bad the air conditioning wasn't working and it was one of our hottest days.  I had to go home early.

The winner of last week's Curves in Motion is Sophie!  I've sent her an email. Thanks to all who commented.

No book this week - just don't have the energy to scan.  Will be glad when things settle down.  Thanks for stopping by and commenting!  It's always fun to hear from you.


ritainalaska said…
thanx for sharing this eye candy ... love appllique!
Congratulations Sophie! I still haven't sewn this week either. I was hoping to get to my applique, but it's not looking hopeful.

Angie you are going to run out of books....:)
judith said…
Thank you for sharing the beauties from the show. I didn't make it. LOVELY! Hope you get some rest and sewing therapy in.
Carrie P. said…
thanks for sharing those lovely quilts. get some rest!