Applique Thursday 5/9/13

Sunday and part of Monday I had a burst of applique frenzy fun. I added to my block 6 of Esther's Forget Me Not BOM:
It's amazing what a photo can tell you.  I have this plant in my garden.  We have three colors white, red and pink.  The stems are gray and the thorns are almost white.  There are different greens in the leaves. I'll tone down the top ones with pencil. And I'm not sure there is enough contrast between the pink flowers( there will be a lot more in the final - testing pinks) and the red background. What do you think?
I also started my next Whimsical block:
and even began my 6th Anna's Garden block:
This set I am doing by needle turn so it takes me longer.

I'll post more tomorrow - I'm dealing with a kidney stone right now and can't do much more, but wanted to get something up in case I don't feel up to it later.

Eye candy (applique or not) would be most appreciated!


  1. I love the thorny plant. I think the receding pink flowers really give the thorns stage front and it looks fabulous. I have just glued down another block of my felt 'Summertime' quilt. I will post about it tomorrow. I am flinching even thinking of your kidney stone. Hope it is not to difficult for you.

  2. love the thorny plant! i'm glad now that this block is in the bunch of patterns i got to round out the blocks i missed when i came in late to the bom. i'm appliquing texas teardrops blocks for the qal with vicki of quilting lodge.

  3. Hope you are doing better today. How in the world did you do those thorns?

  4. So sorry to hear about your kidney stone. Those are so painful! Take care of yourself.

  5. Dropped by from Pat Sloan's Show & Tell, I've had kidney stones myself and I know they're no fun, hope you're feeling much better soon :)

  6. Ouch and Ouch! I hope to post some Thursday stuff tonight......

  7. Hope you have less pain now! Love the red background and your applique is beautiful!!
    Get better soon.

  8. I really like how you did the thorns on the first one. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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