DWM & Mid-Month Check -In

I'm pleased that two of my three goals are done already for this month.  Here are the three other baby quilts I finished for St. Anne's. (you can read about the 4th in my last stash report)
a pre-printed panel from 1987 that finally became a quilt - I just bound it.

a recent panel members sandwiched, tied and turned over to me to bind.
I've also finished my bird for Block Lotto. I have the rest of the month to applique.  Yippee!
I'm linking to Melissa's a Lovely Year of Finishes and Judy's Design Wall Monday.



Busy gal! Adorable quilts!
Michelle said…
The top one's my favorite!
Carrie P. said…
your baby quilts are adorable. congrats on your finishes. I love your red and white applique block. so pretty.
Anonymous said…
Gosh, you've done well this month! I keep thinking I'll get a bird made, but I'm about to conclude that's a dream. =) I love the block, though!
SarahZ said…
I really like the block in that first quilt...seems I will have a baby quilt to make soon, for my niece...the same one whose 3yo dress fabric went into her wedding quilt! I think her baby will get some of it as well.. :)