March NewFO

It's amazing what 2 hours of uninterrupted sewing time can do. I was able to do the first step for all 20 pinwheel blocks, sew three of them together and size, cut and place into sets the 160 squares I need for the 17 remaining d9ps:

Here's the pinwheel blocks, the stack of 5"sets, and the sections done with the next one to assemble.

I learned two things doing these.  1.  Making the pinwheels from 5" squares, I could true these up to  5 1/2" pinwheel, saved a second truing up, and cut the squares 5 1/2" instead of 5" and had a bigger quilt.  2.  I'm going to not assemble the d9p's 4 parts until the end so that I can more evenly distribute the colors.

I'm linking to Barb's NewFO Challenge as this is my new project started in March, and Judy's Patchwork Times, as well as Lyn's BOMs Away.  Go see all the projects coming along.  


LynCC said…
Oh, fun with all the checks! Looking forward to seeing what this looks like assembled. :)
Barbara said…
Oh I love pinwheels. This looks like a fun project. Thanks for linking up!
Val Spiers said…
Lots of blocks on the go. Great progress. I love your fabrics.
ANudge said…
Thank you, Val – I may wind up doing these as leaders and enders – now that I have it all cut and assembled ready to sew.

I’ll see.
Angie who thanks you for stopping by.
Sandy said…
The checks are adorable. I like your tips for sewing pinwheels, too.

Quilting Babcia said…
What a fun project! Look forward to seeing your finished quilt.