Applique Thursday Winner

Here's our cool Alan ready to announce the winner for this week's giveaway:  Happy Cottage Quilter !  I've sent her a message and look forward to sending her the book.

Not much piecing happening but I did get my 15 a day done.

Taking a break from giving away as I have too much going on otherwise to be on the computer much.  Tomorrow is another day.  I did make a tiny bit of progress on my morning glory block.  I  fused the pieces I had made to the correct background. Big leaves next.

Leave me a comment and I'll come over and see your eye candy when I have a minute on the NET.  Look forward to hearing from you!


Ivory Spring said…
Cute picture of Andy! :)
I'm so in love with Cool, Cool Alan!!! cute!
Rosa said…
Alan is adorable.H appy sewing!!
Thank you, and thank Alan. I am looking forward to receiving the book.