3RD 2013 Stash Report

First, a status report:  My new computer is a little bit better.  Turns out there is nothing wrong with the hardware (the All-In-One from Dell) - just the software is the problem (Win 8 - I knew I should have waited for the first service pack to come out!).  I have internet on the AIO, but not the other software.  The nice guy from India is calling me back Monday to download what I bought and need as we had to format the HD.  Ahh me - never had to do that before. So we'll see.

Now to the fun stuff!  I didn't do a Stash Report last week as there was nothing to report.  LOL - not much this week either.  I did buy and receive 5 yards from Hancock's of Paducah - but it's not going into my stash - it's a quilt for my darling, Lily for when she turns 3 in April. I'll have to start on it soon.  I also bought  1 & 7/8 yards for a workshop I'm attending at our Guild.  I'm not counting those as they are not going into my stash - they already have a purpose and I'll be prewashing and cutting it soon.  I use to not prewash, but after reading Becky Goldsmith's post on her blog - I think I will do so from now on.

I did make 2 blocks and starting on my last one for the guild BOM. So far I have used about a fat quarter of scraps for the two.  The latest one is of our Fairmount Park and Lake Evans.  The tank (a Water Buffalo) was built in Riverside and tested at the park.  There is one tank near the VA Post at the lake - a WWII memorial.  Yes, we do have boats and there is a sailing club. The rose garden is beautiful.  People do still play bocce games there also.  A fun park for all - there's even a band shell and play area for the kids.

Here are my numbers:

This week: +0.0 yds.; -0.25 yds.
Donated:   +0.0 yds; YTD: 1.0 yds
Stash YTD: +2.5 yds., -2.00 yds.
Net used in 2013:  +.50. A bit less than last week  again.   How are you doing?  I'm linking to Judy's Patchwork Times to see how others are doing.  Probably a lot better than I - LOL.


  1. Love those rick rack tank tracks!

  2. What a terrific block. I admire the creativity of designing your own block. Thanks for the history; what fun!

  3. Susan designed our BOM blocks - she's very talented.

  4. The Riverside blocks are amazing. I think it is the #1 quilt I've seen you do so far. WOW. I can't wait to see it when it is all done. And yes, Susan is a designing genious!

    Keep sharing....

  5. That's a fun block - love the use of ricrac for the tank.


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