Design Wall Monday 10/1/12

Up on my design wall is the start of another charity quilt.  This one is a flannel neonatal quilt for our local NIC-U.  Nine blocks to finish at 30"x 30".  That's the size they want.

What's up on your design wall?  I'm linking over to Judy's Patchwork Times, Lyn's BOMs Away, and  Quilt are for Giving blog.

Also my book giveaway is still going on.  Go to my last Applique Thursday post and comment or link to win!


Julianne Emery said…
wonderful charity quilt. happy stitching Julianne
Karen said…
Very Nice Angie -- you are sweet!
LynCC said…
Oh my gosh! Those penguins are so CUTE!
Anonymous said…
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Sabrina said…
I love those fabrics. What a great cause!