Stash Report 9/23/12

First, the book giveaway for this week ends Wednesday, midnight. The book is Minuatures to Masterpiece by Nancy Srebro-Johnson. The quilt on the cover measures only 20 1/4" square!  You can see it here and still comment or link for a chance at the giveaway.

Second - I  bound my other two VA wheelchair quilts. This has been a long time in getting done (January is when I think I started). They measure 36 by 44, and here they are folded and ready to hand in at the next guild meeting. 

This week was spent finishing quilts for which I had already counted the yardage in my SR. I put together a charity quilt with St. Ann's flannel, so that doesn't count. I worked on my applique, but that was too miniscule to count.   Even the binding on the two VA quilts was only the back brought forward, so 0 yardage there.   Here are my numbers:
Used/Donated last week: 0.0 yards
Used/Donated YTD: 139.19 yards
Added/Bought last week: 0.0 yards
Added/Bought YTD: 35.54 yards
Net Decrease YTD: 103.65 yards.
How are you doing on you destashing? I'm hoping you did better than I did! I didn't dare open my fabric coffins - maybe this week.    I'm linking to Judy's Patchwork Times.  Go on over and see how others are doing.


Charlene S said…
Some weeks are like that!
Mommarock said…
I'm trying to stash, not DEstash, but you are doing wonderfully!
Donna said…
Great job! In my wildest dreams I would never hope to use that much fabric in one year.

Hey, the way I look at it, any week with nothing in is a win!!!