Stash Report 9/2/12

First don't forget the book giveaway going on til Wednesday, midnight: click here.

Second, thanks to all who sent condolences. They are appreciated. Yesterday before I went off to help at Duarte, I spent a couple of hours straightening my sewing room to some degree. All items boxed and off the floor and for the most part somewhat organized. Nothing like the finality of death to make one realize we only have so much time, and limited sewing time at that - so time to get realistic of what one can accomplish.  So today I took one of those near 100 wips and made a potholder. 

This was a leftover salvaged block from an old quilt bought at a yard sale and refurbished. Have one block left, so I'll probably make another potholder.  All I had to do was sandwich it with some thermadore(?) and another layer of batting, a backing and bind.

And thirdly, while organizing I culled 26 yards to donate to our guild's thrifty corner, and used a 1/4 yard on the two applique blocks I'm making.  Here are my numbers:
Used/Donated last week: 26.25 yards
Used/Donated YTD:    121.44 yards
Added/Bought last week: 0.0yards
Added/Bought YTD:    35.54 yards
Net Decrease YTD: 85.94yards     How are you doing? Head on over to Judy's Stash Report to see how others did.


  1. Wait stop the presses.. did you say nearly 100 WIPs?? Were you just joking or are there really that many?? Cuz I'm here fainting just a little..

  2. Someone hold up Marcia! Don't let her faint. Maybe I should stop pushing mine under the bed and start counting.....giggle.

    Love your pot holder.

  3. Your numbers are looking great. A fellow quilter once said she decided to list all her WIP...she stopped at 60!


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