Stash Report 9/16/12

First, the book giveaway for this week ends Wednesday, midnight. The book is a different Quilt the Seasons - learn a technique with each project, and there's 24 of them! You can see it here.  Lyn, I'm mailing the one you won last week Monday.

Second - I finally bound my first VA wheelchair quilt.  This has been a long time in getting done (January is when I think I started it). Measures 36 by 44, and here it is folded and ready to hand in at the guild meeting next Tuesday.
Thirdly, did a little more culling and used a 1/4 yard to bind the above quilt, so I used/donated 6.5 yards this past week for my destashing.  Here are my numbers:
Used/Donated last week:    6.5 yards
Used/Donated YTD:    139.19 yards
Added/Bought last week: 0.0   yards
Added/Bought YTD:     35.54 yards
Net Decrease YTD:    103.65 yards.
How are you doing on you destashing? I've reached my goal of 100 for the year!  Yeah, but it's not the way I wanted to do it - with most of it donated.  However, progress is progress - there's a tiny bit of free space showning in my stash bookcase.  Maybe I'll get to free some fabric from their box coffins - LOL.  Who knows what treasures I have.
Lastly, I'm linking with Judy at Patchwork Times.  Go see how others are doing with their destash.


  1. 100 yards - congrats for reaching your goal. Someone will take your donated fabric and make beautiful quilts. I like the term "fabric coffins". Fabric is so much easier to use when it can be seen on a shelf.

  2. Wonderful goal to reach. And donating fabric is a wonderful thing. What do you mean fabric coffins.. you have MORE fabric?? My goodness. I could only dream. Lately I've been dreaming of moving my quilting room into our un-used game room. I mentioned it to DH and he didn't even flinch, so I'm gonna go for it.. LOL. It is a BIG room.


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