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I have long been an admirer of Ruth McDowell's work since I saw a wall hanging of a spear of asparagus that someone made using her pattern.  I now have all her books and I've decided that I need to start trying to make practice quilts in that manner.  Her method of piecing involves freezer paper - much like Cynthia England's.  I can't call it paper piecing in a sense because you are not sewing through the paper but next to it.  And I've had some experience doing that when I quilt my quilt tops.  So, from her book Piecing Workshop ( and not her first book either) - here is my first of four pieces that will eventually be one wall hanging - sort of in the old style of potholder block quilts.  Here is Autumn:
Ruth's is around 6x9 but I made it 8 1/2" x 11 to qualify for my guild's challenge for Journal quilts.  Here is what I wrote about it for the journal entry:
"My favorite season approaches.  The relentless heat of summer turns our world from green to yellow, even brown, and waits exhausted for the first cold night.  Then the chilly air works its magic. Nature bursts into the many colors of autumn.  Caught in the kalaidoscope of change, I hardly notice the first grip of winter approaching." 

I'm linking this to Esther's WOW, Connie's FMQ by the River,  and Fabric Tuesday.  You'll find their links on the right side bar.  Enjoy!


  1. I love Ruth's work too but haven't used any of the books I've purchased of hers.... yet. I think looking her stuff over has loosened me up and made me enjoy the fabrics more.

  2. Love your Autumn piece! It's gorgeous! It really does look like exploding color! Awesome job!

  3. That's a very unique block! And I love your "journal entry"!

  4. Your piece is beautiful! I have tried the PP using freezer paper and not sewing through the paper and like it too! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday


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