Favorite Flowers Friday

Hi, there.  I'm recovering from gall bladder surgery Wednesday, so I haven't been out in my garden much in the last three days - actually I'm up walking and eating tiny bit of this and that that has no fat and mostly sleeping.  So all I have to share is
1) a get well plant my very kind neighbor gave me:
Isn't this a lovely pink anthurium?  I love it.  Now the trick is how to keep it alive in this arid area.  Please leave a comment if you know how to grow these.
2) from my hall windows I can still see these lovelies:

Don't these tunas look lite from within.  They sparkle when they're back lighted.
I'm so glad they are around to brighten up my view.

What are your favorite thing this friday.  You know my flowers are.  I'm linking up to Flaunt Your Flowers and Favorite Things Friday - visit them for more fun and fabulous.


  1. Sending along lots of get well hugs!!! Hope you are on your feet soon and enjoying your garden! I had that surgery a number of years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. No more pain!!! Just do what the doctor tells you and don't try to do more than he says for the first few weeks. Give everything time to heal :*)

  2. YES that is a "antirhinum" it us a native to tropical America rain forest, The higher the humidity the better, the leaves my drop if the humidity drops below 50%, these are no more difficult to grow then house plants or some Orchids. You want to keep the leaves lose shiny texture and may die if humidity drops below 50% for a few days, keep pots in a trays of moist gravel, in bathroom, or under polyethylene cover. Sponge or spray leaves several times daily. have plant in good light but not direct light, will get along in regular house temp. Growth stops at about 65 Degrees, protect form drafts, I know seems like a lot but it is worth it, Give light feeding every 4 weeks. and soil should be course, porous mix of leaf mod, sandy soil, and shredded osmunda. I think that should help you, take care and hope you get well very soon yes I had the same thing done to me also, took no time I was up and running, I trust you will be going soon, take care and Cheers angeljeanne (Jeanne)

  3. Get well soon and don't over do it! Beautiful flowers!


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