Fabric Story on Tuesday

My star is done.  I'm trying to put together twelve wall hangings for my living room above the fireplace, so I can change them monthly.  This practice piece for Judy's Feather quilting lessons is my second wall hanging done this year.  It was scary at first to get that needle going, but with Judy's excellent directions and videos, I got there.  Practicing on paper sure made a difference. I recommend it. 

You can't see them well on the front side, but I did quilt a continuous feather in the outer border.  See the back below.

Now that I've broken the ice on this quilting motif, I'll have to practice, practice, practice to remember it.  I can say my last feathers came out pretty good, but that was after 30 of them beforehand and all the ones on paper.
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Congratulations! Your feathers are wonderful :*)
ANudge said…
Thanks, Teresa. I need to keep practicing so I won't forget.
Connie said…
Beautiful quilting, the feathers look perfect! Thanks for sharing.
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