Design Wall Monday 6/4/12

Nothing on my design wall although I have a lot of ufos and wips.  I'm greening some batts right now to go with the charity quilts and then they'll be ready for the 14th.  I was going to be quilting with Judy, but she is long arming her quilt in the free feather tutorials, but mine will be on a DSM and I need to start in the center.  So will have to wait until she gets there to continue on that project.

So what is greening a batt? It's my way of dealing with left over pieces of batting to use it up instead of throwing it away.  I learned this method from Marti Michell in her machine quilting in sections book. Way faster than basting the batting together.

Essentially, you find pieces that together will provide a batt for your top.  I overlap them at the side they will be joined and cut a squiggly line through both of them.  In the photo you can see them after the cut.  I threw away the two pieces resorting from cutting them.  Then I cut 1" strips of fusible interfacing.  I push the two pieces together and lay the strips on top of the edges and with a Teflon sheet or a piece of fabric I press the joint closed with the interfacing. (you can see a more detailed post here).  The batt is now ready to sandwich with the top and back.  Have one more to go after this one.

What are you up to?  Visit Judy at Patchwork Times and link up to let us know.


  1. Great idea! I always zig-zag pieces of leftover batting together for small things.

  2. That's exactly the way I do it. I find that for every 5 quilts, I usually have enough to piece a full size batting together. And when you use the light weight interfacing, no one even will ever know :)


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