Favorite Things Friday 5/18/12

I'm happy to report still some flowers in the garden. This one was a surprise - a late bloomer. It is the palest purple iris I have ever seen.  I bought the tuber at a Iris Society sale of unknowns. This is the first year it has bloomed.  Lovely as it is I can see why it may not be cultivated and given a name.  The flowers only last a couple of days.  Here's another shot: 


This rose is one my mother rooted for me from her beautiful roses.  Last year this plant was only a stick with a few leaves and I thought I was going to lose it.  Hasn't it come back beautifully?  I'm looking for a place where I can plant it in the yard.
Last, but not least is the tomato plant that refuses to give up.  My husband has a replacement plant for the one in our grower.  I told him as soon as this one stops producing - out it goes.  But for a one scraggly stemmed plant that has a lot of dead leaves it keeps producing, producing producing - won't give up as it approaches its year anniversary.

That's it from my garden.  What's your favorite thing this friday? Go on over to Shay's Favorite Thing Friday button on my sidebar and check out what others are posting.
Oh! and if you didn't see my previous post, go back and see the already over 200 quilts that are on show.  Enjoy!


  1. Love the pale purple iris - I've been collecting purle and yellow irises from local plant sales - can't say I have any this pale...

  2. I love irises of any color, and yours is beautiful, as is the rose. Yum, tomatoes look great! You've got a green thumb for sure.

  3. My grandparents had an iris that was opposite of yours - it was so deep it looked black. I just loved it! Your rose is beautiful. I hope it smells as lovely as it looks.

  4. Beautiful Iris plant. Looks like your tomato bush is trying really hard to prove to you that you don't have to be pretty. Your roses must be very special having gotten it from your Mum.

  5. Ahh, lovely. Great favs, you can't go wrong with beautiful nature.

  6. Irises are among my favourite flowers. Yours looks so delicate.

    Isn't it wonderful when something you thought might turn up it's toes defies all the odds and gets a second life!


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