Favorite Thing Friday 5/11/12

Some more flowers - these curiosities, at least to me. First, here is a hollyhock with the most unusual flower color I have seen for it.  I got the seeds from a plant that had flower the color close to what you see on the edge of the blooms on left.  Imagine my surprise that they came out this dark, rich burgundy instead of rose!

Next is my apple plant (a succulent) kinda of like an iceplant.  This one has two color blooms on it!  I checked to see if there were two plants growing in the same space - Nope.  This is the first time I see two colors on one plant of these.  This also grew from seed.

Who could have guessed?   I'm linking over at Shay's Favorite Things Friday.  Check my sidebar.  Have a great weekend!


CristniLea said…
I just love the new background! Thank you for sharing all the fabulous quilting information :-)
Sue Daurio said…
I love hollyhocks. I remember making the dolls with the blooms. So fun!
Shay said…
You have incredibly talented plants chucking out two colours from the one plant and coming up with a rarely seen colour. Do you have something magical in the water up your way?
These are gorgeous flowers. I've never seen that dark color myself. I've seen lots of succulents, but never these...wow on both.
thea said…
Love the hollyhocks .. what a great color.
What an unusual colour. It is beautiful. I love visiting your garden. I have only embroidered hollyhocks....too hot and humid here.