Fabric Tuesday - My May Craftsy Blocks

With my Mystery BOM block out of the way, I decided to finish my craftsy BOM blocks for this month.  Have ten done (Amy gives us 2 a month) and am beginning to wonder what the setting for these might be.  All I know is I can't see them as on point.  Are you making these?  What are your thoughts on them?

I'm linking with Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story, Linky Party Tuesday, and Esther's WIP (she's in Australia, so they're a day ahead of us - you'll find all of these on my sidebar. 


Rosa said…
Looks very cute!
Connie said…
Great blocks, I really like the one with the flower in the center! Thanks for sharing!
Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday
I should make them. That's probably the only way I could get a flower to bloom......grin.

Nice blocks!
Glenda said…
What a great centre for a variation of the log-cabin. This way I could have roses at my place too?????? Cheers Glenda Down Under