Working on this Wednesday 4/4/12

Have you seen Esther Aliu's quilts?  They're fabulous and I've signed up to do her latest mystery. And I have to get the first block done by the 15th, so I'd better hurry along.  Here's how far I've gotten:
I'm linking up with WIP Wednesday. Go to the sidebar to go there and see what others are working on or go to Esther's Forget Me Not mystery page to check it out.


  1. Looks good!! I'm like you I only have the stems and leaves done so far. I have the flower petals cut and ready to go on just have to sew them on a bit at a time hope we both get it all done before the next one is posted!!

  2. Wow!!!! Excellent choice for the leaves. I love all things green in the yard with all different shades and textures. This year I've even learned to love my weeds.....LOLLL I might as well because they aren't going anywhere.

    Are you going to do separate petals or are you going to shade them?

  3. Looks wonderful so far! I am hoping to squeeze this one in as it is so beautiful!


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