Stash Report 4/22/12

It was a good week for destashing - at least for my goals that is.  I have pulled 4 1/4 yards for two charity quilt backs I have started.  I made a quiltlet (.22 yd )and finished a mug rug (.04 yd).  Now you're probably wondering how I got those numbers in parentheses.  And I have a friend who wants to know how I figure yardage using scraps so here goes.  When I've finished a project [let's use the mug rug as the example] I measure my piece - in this case it was only the backing that I pulled from my stash.  It measured 7.5 inches square.  Now I found how many square inches there are in a yard (using 36 x 42 measurement).  There are 1512 square inches in this yard.  I'm going to use that as my standard yard.  So I multiplied my mug rug backing  7.5 x 7.5 and got 56.25 sq inches.  I divide that by the 1512 and get 0.0372 or 0.04 of a yd.  That quiltlet that I made - it was 18" square.  Doubled the 18 and divided by 1512 to get .22 yds.  Clear as mud?

When I'm making a scrap block, I lay out my scraps and work out how many inches I took out of my stash.  The little I have left is usually too small to go back into the scrap bin (it's not going back into my stash!), so it isn't added back. Take the photo above.  I laid out my scraps and I would roughly be using a rectangle of fabric that measures 11 x 14 or 154 square inches or .10 yd.

Why do I bother - Hey!  Progress is progress  - no matter how tiny a destash - LOL.  Here are my numbers:
Used/Donated this week: 4.51 yards
Used/Donated YTD:      57.56 yards
Added/Bought this week: 0.00 yards
Added/Bought YTD:        21.5 yards
Net Decrease YTD:         36.06 yards

How are you doing on your destashing? Go on over to Judy's Patchwork Times and see how others are doing.


  1. Interesting way to figure your yardage. I weigh mine. I have a small digital scale and I weighed a few sample yards, took the average and now can weigh a finished quilt and translate it into yardage.


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