Applique Thursday 4/19/12

I was sorting through a box and came across this:

The label says it's from Lahaina, but I remember I bought it in Molokai when we went there on an Elderhostel trip (excuse me, they're called Road Scholar adventures now).  It was a great trip.  In one of the excusions to a distillery, I bought this kit which is very thorough - even had thread and needle.   Since it's about 6 years old, I'm going to try and finish it by doing a little at a time.  In other words not bury it for another 6 years.  I'm finding I'm not very good at needleturn - I can't seem to get the seam allowance even.  Maybe by just doing more I can correct that.  But then this was way before I learned back basting.  Now with that I've had more success.  Off to work on it.
What are you working on - applique or otherwise??  Please link below so we can all see your eye candy.
Thanks ever so much!


  1. Your needleturn always looks good. I posted my picture with a leaning tree, a point on top of my bird's back, and anything but a round snowman head......LOL.

    Maybe his wife hit him with the frying pan on the top leftside.


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