Design Wall Monday 3/26/12

Another charity quilt - here's where I used those 2 yards of flannel fabric.  Also for my St. Anne ladies.  It's good to take photos.  You spot things you have otherwise missed like that green square in the top left that is going the wrong way.  Oh, and the back?  Animal prints.

What's on your design wall?  Go on over to see what has been posted on Judy's Patchwork Times (sidebar).  Enjoy!


kathy osterby said…
At least you found the wrong placement before you finished it! LOL My last 2 wallquilts had blocks wrong that I didn't see until completed them. Too much of a hurry to get them done.
kathy osterby said…
don't have a camera so I can't send photos-sorry. ! quilt was "broken dishes and 1 block ended up pin wheel instead and other had 1/2 tri turned wrong way not 1x but 2.
Sue Daurio said…
Nice!! Yep I've found many mistakes by updating my blog with pictures. I swear sometimes I stare at the design wall for a long time and don't see until I have a blog post. But at least I see it :)