WIP Wednesday 1/25/12

Slowly getting back to quilting.  My cough is still around but the sneezing is gone.  Just found out my DGS, Frank, has pneumonia.  Has gone from viral pneumonia to bacterial - I'm going over to watch him tomorrow so Mom can work and he can rest one more day.  She's off Thursday, so he doesn't have to go to school until Friday.  Hopefully with the antibiotics he'll be better.  He just sounds awful.

Now to the quilting - I finished block 9 of the Just Takes 2 BOM  second part for January.  I"m having trouble with the dimensions given.  Brenda gives generous sizes with which to paper piece, but I'm doing conventional piecing trying to conserve my background fabric. Here is #9:
What WIP are you working on?  I'm linking to WIP Wednesday at Esther Aliu's blog.  You can see the button on my sidebar.


  1. I love your block! Great colors! A hug!

  2. I love your fabrics. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  3. We just finished up a case of pneumonia here in our family..sorry to hear about yours.
    Love the block; those colors are beautiful.


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