FMQ Project #1 Done

At Leah's Free Motion Quilting project we were to practice stippling. I decided to stipple a changing table pad I found at a thrift store. It looked like the creator never got around to quilting it and when I washed it the batting started to move around. I straightened it out and set aside to quilt. Here is the back side - the quilting shows up better.  I chalked a rectangle in the center of the pad and then stippled using the line as my base. Then I went around the edge about an inch away from the edge.  Took me only about 12 minutes to do the whole 17" by 37" pad!   The best thing I learned
from Leah is to leave my feed dogs up and set the stitch length to zero - this worked great on my Bernina to eliminate any thread problems (I had a lot of them before).  This one tip is a life saver!  Thank you, Leah!

Go over to my sidebar and click on the FMQ project button.  You'll be impressed by the practice pieces posted. I am.


  1. I saw Leah's comment about the feetdogs, but haven't tried it. You are really honing all your skills. Did you use a slider or anything like that?

  2. Looks good! It is interesting what works the best on different machines! Glad you found that this works well for you.


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